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When it comes to making a statement and wearing flamboyant pieces, Ranveer Singh has aced almost everything

From wearing clothes that common folks like us could only dream of buying to nailing some of the most outlandish silhouettes, Ranveer has found a special place in the fashion world. 

Thus, being named as the ‘king of quirky fashion’ stands true in his case. 

Of late, after becoming the brand ambassador for Adidas, Ranveer has been spotted in more of affordable apparel. 

His super bulky sneakersand glow in the dark shoes are some examples of that. 

While it’s known that he is a sneakerhead, another fact is that he does make a bold style move in relaxed pairs as well. 

A recent picture of his on Instagram establishes our claim. Take a look. 

The Brands:

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