Clitoris – Gateway to Eternal Pleasure

Women’s body has always attracted men. While some are attracted to eyes, skin tone, etc. others are more obsessed with breasts, hips, and navel. There is no limit to this obsession with the female body. Like men, women also have erogenous zones that on stimulation can take women to a whole new level of sexual excitement. One such organ is The Clitoris! 

Clitoris also referred to as “Clit” has always both fascinated and confused men and women equally. While the clitoris has no role in reproduction it is the pleasure center of the vulva. It is important to know that the female reproductive part visible to us that we call the vagina is called Vulva. The pea-shaped hood popping at the top of this vulva is called Clitoris. But wait… That’s not all of it.

The actual size of Clitoris is about the size of a palm. It has two legs encircling the vulva while only the pea-shaped head called “Glans” is visible under the hood.

While everybody part has a function to do Clitoris is there only for sexual pleasure. More than 75% of women achieve orgasm due to clitoris stimulation while only about 25% achieve orgasm through penetration. The difference in percentage itself shows how important this organ is. 

Men’s penis has about 4000 nerves that make it sensitive but Clitoris has about 8000 nerves and the pea at the top has all the nerve endings making it super sensitive. Nerve endings are sensors that transmit signals to the brain so any tingling or sensation in the tip of the clitoris results in extreme excitement and orgasm. The clitoris can also erect due to increased blood flow and can swell up to 300% when fully stimulated. This is called vasocongestion.

Just like the penis, Clitoris also has different sizes, shapes, and colors but the function is the same i.e pleasure. Clitoris never gets old. The clit of an 80-year-old lady will look and work the same as a clit of a 21-year-old girl. Since the sole purpose is to provide the pleasure you must identify the ways of achieving maximum stimulation and discuss them with your partner.

Ways of Simulation

  1. Toungelicious – Undoubtedly the next best thing to intercourse is Oral sex. Sometimes it’s even better. If you and your partner are comfortable in some oral fun then the feeling of a wet tongue rubbing and encircling the hood of the clitoris with a mix of pressure is something that should not be missed.  
  2. Pillow Riding – When alone, arrange a pillow in a position that brings it in direct contact with your clit. Grind your pelvic region slowly to achieve the comfortable pressure on your clit.
  3. Have Your Finger on the Pulse – Exploring your clit with fingers can be another good option. Rub it gently up and down and use some lube for additional wetness. Experiment by moving your fingers in different directions gently.
  4. Sex Toys – Using sex toys like vibrators can be a great way to stimulate your clitoral hood. Nowadays sex toys are available online on many websites and there is a wide range to choose from.
  5. Take a Ride – There are many positions of intercourse in which you or your partner can have access to the clitoris. While having a penetration will itself give immense pleasure, access to clit will give the best of both worlds.

Information shared in this article is general information and should NOT be taken as a substitute for any medical advice. Please discuss your medical conditions with your doctor for an accurate suggestion.

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