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I was just a kid when I first saw actors drinking coconut water in some of the late 80’s movies. Since then I wondered how it would taste. Being from a small city of U.P I couldn’t get a chance to taste it as coconut water was not in much demand in my city at that time. I got my first opportunity to taste it during one of my visits to Delhi in summer vacations and to be honest – I just loved it!

Fast forward to the present day, coconut water or popularly called “Naariyal Paani” can be found in every city and every street. It has gained immense popularity due to the innumerable health benefits that it offers. Its perfect amount of sweetness and smoothness is just incomparable to all other packaged and artificially sweetened beverages.

How Does Coconut Water Affect Our Body?

  • Hydration – Electrolytes are present in blood, urine, tissues etc. and helps in regulating various body functions. They balance the level of water in body, balance body’s pH level, move nutrients into the cells and removes waste from cells.

Coconut water is full of electrolytes like Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium which are very essential for the body. It keeps your body hydrated and helps in maintaining the proper levels of electrolytes. Athletes, Zumba dancers and people whose day-to-day activities involve physical activities always prefer to consume coconut water to compensate for missing electrolytes.

  • Weight Loss – Consumption of Coconut Water keeps you feel full for a longer duration thus eliminating your craving for food. Coconut water is low in fat and has natural sugar which helps in weight reduction unlike other packaged drinks having high sugar and added preservatives. 3 to 4 glass of Naariyal Paani per week will expedite the weight loss process. People suffering from indigestion are also recommended to switch to liquid diet. The presence of bioactive enzymes in Coconut Water can do miracles in such cases.
  • Anti-Aging – Due to rich source of “Cytokines” Naariyal Paani helps hydrating the skin from within. It cleans the skin and clears the acne. Coconut Water is rich in antioxidants that refresh your skin by removing toxic chemicals from the body. It can also be applied to skin for even skin tone.
  • Diabetes Control – Diabetes is a condition in which a body’s ability to use hormonal insulin is reduced resulting in increased glucose level in blood.
Coconut Water

Coconut Water is a rich source of magnesium that can increase insulin sensitivity and reduce sugar levels in pre-diabetic and Type 2 diabetic patients. It lowers blood pressure and also controls cholesterol levels reducing the chances of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

  • Kidney Stones – Kidney stones are formed when urine contains more crystal forming substances like Calcium, Oxalate and Uric Acid. This can dilute the fluid in urine and can result in lack of substances that prevents these crystals sticking to each other.

Coconut Water is a rich source of minerals, sodium, potassium, and magnesium due to which it acts as a Diuretic. It increases the flow of urine thereby reducing the chances of kidney diseases.  

While there are many other benefits of this refreshing and wonderful drink, it should not be confused with Coconut Milk.

While Coconut Water is a natural fluid found in a young coconut, Coconut Milk is made by mixing the grated coconut meat in hot water. The milk of coconut has very high Calories, Carbs, and Fat.

The article here provides general information only. DO NOT consider it as a substitute for the advice of a medical expert. It is highly recommended to consult your doctor before switching your diet after discussing your medical condition.

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